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Automated warehouse

Heading towards new heights

For nearly a decade, Troax has worked closely with one of Europe's largest food distributors. The collaboration has resulted in new innovations that have been used in automated warehouses which is an area of growth.

Generally, the safety mesh panel wall system is a relatively small part of the total investment within an automated warehouse; but it cannot be overlooked. “When a business is starting up, safety is an extremely important factor, and keeping our promises for the installation is crucial. Major investments are at stake, and it is crucial to have a continuous and open dialogue around the delivery,” said Viktor Göhlin, Automated Warehouse Expert at Troax. For the past ten years, Troax has worked with one of Europe’s largest food distributors on projects including solutions for automated warehouses on a large scale. For Troax’s part, the project will be more about safety than logistics and robots.

“In automated warehouses people and robots work side by side, and this means safety becomes a key issue within every logistics unit.”


As for this case, the need for a well-founded solution that suited the application and the company’s wishes became clear. Today, several kilometers – even tens of them – with safety mesh panels have been delivered. “Automated warehouses include both robots and humans, and a combination of solutions within the Machine Guarding and Warehouse Partitioning segments could be applied. We also believe that the demand for high-quality safety solutions in automated warehouses will continue to grow as the market is expanding.” Following the customer’s growth, new solutions have been developed. The scope of the project has placed high demands on both production and delivery, and here the capacity of Troax to offer delivery dependability have been great assets. “The customer has been able to fully rely on us to find the right safety solution. In total, the project has resulted in almost 20 km of Machine Guarding fence with approximately 1,000 Safety Doors, and 15,000 m² (equivalent to two football fields) of Anti-Collapse screens.” said Viktor Göhlin.


Within Automated Warehouses it is crucial that every specific detail, along with the solution itself, is thoroughly designed, and properly carried out in good time. This will prevent any form of delay, and any potential extra costs that may be incurred. Over time, a close collaboration between Troax and the customer has emerged. “In automated warehouses people and robots work side by side, and this means safety becomes a key issue within every logistics unit.”