Collaborations for a safer future

When a customer told us they wanted a new type of safe escape lock, we listened – and created it together.

“The idea for the new Safe Escape Lock came up when we had a meeting with our customer’s engineers about a year ago,” said Erik van der Meer, Troax Holland. They told us; »We want a special lock including a safety switch to secure logistics units within automated warehouses«. And together with the Troax Research and Development team, this journey could begin. And now, after a period of research, design, development, and quality testing, it’s available and introduced to the market. The reactions has been very enthusiastic. “We believe in working close with our customers, as it will lead to more creative innovations, taking all of us forward,” said van der Meer.

From Innovation to Installation

The cooperation between Troax and the customer – a large European pallet rack manufacturer – has been going on for some years now, and after a couple of meetings we became their partner. “This is a keyword. To us, being a partner is somewhat different from being a traditional supplier. We are selling a small part of all the products needed in these large projects. But the products we deliver are about safety and they need to be taken seriously,” said van der Meer. “We try to be a total supplier, both in terms of a high service-level and being a partner.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy.

Today, Troax is a global company and deliveries can be made world-wide. “Europe is ready for Automated Warehouses, and this market is growing rapidly. As a result, the need for safety panels is also increasing”.

“We believe in working close with our customers, as it will lead to more creative innovations, taking all of us forward,”

Troax’s focus within this line of business is the safety panels, and we have an expertise on everything concerning mesh panel systems. “The customer will tell us what they need, and we provide them with the right products. They know that what we offer is safe, and that their pallet racks and the mesh panels from Troax is a good combination, which the end user is happy about when it’s finished. Then they are safe, and happy,” said van der Meer.