When it all began

Our history. Our story.

It all started with four ambitious brothers, wanting to succeed and contribute knowledge and innovation about safety. They did, indeed. After more than 60 years, their core value is still important within the company: the aim to make our world safe. Today Troax is the world-leading manufacturing company of mesh panels for protecting people, property and processes.

FROM LOCAL TO GLOBAL In the 1970’s Troax began its international expansion with sales companies in Norway and Denmark. A decade later the expansion grew global, establishing sales companies outside of Scandinavia.

With large success and sense for business, production was commenced in China 2013, in 2014 the Italian company Satech was acquired and after that, the American company Folding Guard was acquired in the end of 2016.

Troax has reached many milestones and released several innovative products. In 2015 Troax celebrated 60 incredible and successful years as a company.

Today, Troax is represented in almost 40 countries, with sales companies in 20 of them, and production in 5: Sweden, England, Italy, USA and China.

THREE BUSINESS AREAS Troax manufacture and develop high-quality products within three business areas: Machine Guarding, Warehouse Partitioning and Property Protection.

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