People protecting people

Whatever your safety needs may be, we will create a solution that meets your requests. Our mesh panel wall systems are developed, manufactured, and marketed in three segments: machine guarding, warehouse partitioning and property protection, and our sales representatives will guide you through the rules and regulations.

When it comes to safety there are no shortcuts, no compromises and no disregarding of details. Our products are based on hard work, well-founded ideas, and values softer than steel, and since 1955 we have been working on making your world safe. We develop and manufacture mesh panels to prevent injuries in factories, to secure processes, and to make sure property remains where it belongs.

In all we do, we do our utmost to provide the highest quality, to come up with innovations and to offer the most flexible solutions. Yet, these things would be of little interest if they weren’t proven.

Therefore, a crucial part of our development is testing our products thoroughly. This is even a part of our Scandinavian heritage. For generations, safety has been an important topic in every work place, and in any potentially dangerous environment. This has made us well equipped for any unexpected situation, and it might also be the reason why we have decided never to take the easy way out.

We continuously listen to our costumers, and we have tested our products for over 20 years. We aim to be the given choice when you need safe solutions. All in all, we believe in being one step ahead, because that’s what safety is all about.