troax Playing it safe worldwide

Playing it safe worldwide

They say that the collective human knowledge is doubled every three years these days. This means that in three years we will know twice as much, and have doubled the available research, information and knowledge. Machines will be stronger and more powerful, robots will become smarter and processes refined. Despite this, we will be humans all the same. Our physique, our brains and ability to react, are exactly the same as they were 160,000 years ago, and we are just as fragile today as we always have been.

“We have decided never to take the easy way out”

Our products are based on hard work, good ideas, and values softer than steel, and since 1955 we have been working on making your world safe. In short, it is all about increasing safety. Our greater goal is to prevent injuries in factories, secure processes, and to make sure property remains where it belongs.

Observing this progress, along with the world’s continuous advancement, is as fascinating as it is intimidating. Every day, we watch humanity take huge steps forward, but we also get to observe the many risks taken to speed up the process. When it comes to safety there are no shortcuts, no compromises and no disregarding of details. This is why, in everything we do, we always strive to be one step ahead.

Regardless if it is clear at first sight or not, time will tell – especially if an accident does occur. With a longer life span, higher quality and our comprehensive safety strategy, our panels will sustain rough environments during a longer period of time.

We develop our products to suit different contexts and environments all over the world, and our development team is constantly working on new ways to meet our customers' challenges and requirements.

Developing safe products and testing them thoroughly, is part of our Scandinavian heritage. For generations, safety has been an important topic in every work place, and in any potentially dangerous environment. This has made us well equipped – possibly too well, some people might think – for any unexpected situation, and it might also be the reason why we have decided never to take the easy way out. We listen to our costumers, test our prodcts, and we aim to be the given choice when you need safe solutions. They say that the collective human knowledge is doubled every three years these days. Well, then we want to be one step ahead, because that’s what safety is all about.

– Thomas Widstrand, CEO

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