troax Setting the standards – and saving lives

Setting the standards – and saving lives

When Swedish and international standards regarding machine safety are revised, Kim Dahl, senior expert within machine safety at Troax takes major part in this work.

The more we increase the safety level in our products, the safer people will be at work. Kim Dahl is a senior expert within machine safety at Troax. He is also involved in several Swedish and international technical committees working to enhance standards within this field of business.

“It’s a great asset for Troax as a leading manufacturer of safety panels to be a part of these international committees. We work with standards that will have an effect on our own products and that will enhance our offer to our customers, but we also take part in work regarding safety in general. After all, throughout all of our work, our goal is that no human lives will be lost in workspaces.”

“In the committees, there are several other companies from our field of business, and we have a great collaboration, working towards the same goals even if we are competitors”. At Troax we have a common procedure when testing our products. And it is only because we have signed and agreed on a standard. For the customer, there is great value in all manufacturers testing their products the same way.

Troax is the only manufacturer of mesh panels on the market with a TÜV Type Approved based on ISO 14120. “In many aspects, Sweden has the highest safety awareness in the world, which means that Troax’s products will work everywhere”, said Kim Dahl.


Both panels and posts can be customized to create the desired dimensions. The standard heights of our panels and posts are developed to comply with the required values for safety distances stated in ISO 13857.