Safety doesn’t happen by accident

The core of our business is to guarantee your safety. In order to reach highest quality, we have decided never to take any chances, shortcuts or gamble, and we perform thorough tests on our products to ensure their durability. We are even the first mesh panel solution company in the world to have our test method itself certified by tüv.

INDEPENDENT TESTING We use the organisation TÜV Rheinland to certify our test methods. This is a third-party testing institute, which consists of independent consultants who validate the safety of products and services of all types, in order to protect people and the environment against hazards. TÜV Rheinland has very strict requirements for the approval of a product or service, and their certification is one of the strongest quality marks to be found.

CERTIFIED BY TÜV We perform impact tests on our product systems including panels, brackets and accessories in our Test Center, using the Pendulum Test Method. One specific pendulum test method, approved by TÜV Rheinland, has played a significant role in the work resulting in the industry's first standard for anti-collapse systems.


Both panels and posts can be customized to create the desired dimensions. The standard heights of our panels and posts are developed to comply with the required values for safety distances stated in ISO 13857.