Warehouse partitioning

We produce different mesh panels for industries, suited to find a complete solution for your entire logistics flow. We work constantly toward meeting your needs and requirements.

A UNIQUE COMBINATION Our systems can be combined to suit your material handling and logistic needs. This is an innovative way of giving you an affordable and future-proof solution.

0 - 100 MM Because each installation is unique, we have developed a number of smart accessories to make sure our systems work together. We can for instance meet all required floor gaps between 0 - 100 mm.

WALL SYSTEMS Our wall systems are developed in innovative ways to meet the requirements of your warehouse – whether high or low assembly. We also provide a wide range of safety levels in order to cover all your material handling needs.

FOUR PANEL TYPES Depending on your application, you can choose between three different mesh sizes and one full steel.

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Numerous heights and widths.

Combine panels, posts and fixings to create flexible and unique solutions to fit your specific needs.

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Our mesh panel systems can be combined in a number of ways to suit your material handling and logistic needs – an innovative way to offer you affordable and future-proof solutions.

Brackets and fixings

With extension brackets and top fixings, you can build a partitioning wall all the way to the ceiling.

Safety levels

Our wall systems are based on mesh panels and steel sheet panels, that are adaptable for high or low assembly, and provide a range of safety levels.

Safe and simple

Our systems allow light to penetrate and sprinkler systems to reach through the mesh panels in case of a fire.

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Both panels and posts can be customized to create the desired dimensions. The standard heights of our panels and posts are developed to comply with the required values for safety distances stated in ISO 13857.