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Focus on high quality reduces manufacturing deviations

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It is a fact. Companies that produce products year after year are faced with a not so fun fact: deviations. Some examples are when industries such as military, aircraft and medicine invest heavily in deviation processes in order to avoid product failure consequences. They manufacture high-risk products and must, therefore, securely reported deviations from the end-users. Their target is zero deviations.

PPM, percent

Measure your deviations

To match what customers want to pay, most manufacturing companies are not able to afford the higher costs required to get rid of that last percent of deviation. In my experience, implementing routines in the day to day work process has become an important factor in minimizing manufacturing deviations in the best possible way.

Some count deviations in PPM, others in percentage. It is basically up to each manufacturing unit to find their best tools but you always need data and facts to measure quality. Some manufacturers even measure minor deviations because it is more economical to prevent deviations than to incur the cost afterward. It benefits the manufacturer economically as well as provides sales profitability.


Quality work is everybody’s responsibility

It is up to each company to continuously measure the total quality cost and balance it with a focus on the customer. However, it is not only the quality manager who should be committed; it’s everybody’s responsibility. The entire company should be engaged and work with quality as much as possible.

There is always room for improvement. It is important to listen to those who are willing to share their ideas. I've seen and heard all sorts of ideas over the years. Something that makes me happy is meeting a manager who as they walk across the production floor, picks something up they see and throws it in the trash. That's what quality is all about, reaching a little further and picking up that bit on the floor. With a positive attitude, everyone can contribute to creating quality.

The spirit is: You can always lend a hand, support and be a part of quality assurance.


Quality and sustainability work at Troax

At Troax, our quality work follows the standards and we are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 & 14001: 2015. It means that our management system is our tool for continuous improvement and ultimately customer satisfaction. It provides clear benefits that will have a long-term impact on our sustainability as a business.

As the certificate is issued by an independent certification organization, you as a customer can trust that we have the capacity and knowledge required to fulfill our commitments.

By implementing routines and deviation processes in our operations, we can guarantee that the customer always receives the expected level of service - which is part of the value in our products!

For us, sustainable development
is a global necessity

Sustainable, active and systematic environmental work is an important factor for successful companies; contributing to sustainable development is a global necessity.

We believe it’s a responsibility that applies to us all.


Magnus Svantesson, Environment & Quality Manager
Magnus Svantesson