Troax assembly instructions.

Some Assembly Required…

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Do you ever read assembly instructions? Maybe I’m generalizing when I say this, but I think that many of you never read them. We all like to think that we have a small engineer inside of us, and will just try and see if we can complete the assembly without instructions - even though it will probably take a lot longer and you’re taking the risk that you will have to take everything apart and start all over again. Even so, you throw the nice assembly instructions aside and just get going.

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Step by step instructions – a proven concept

One of my colleges once explained to me when we discussed assembly instructions that instead of reading them, he tries once, tries again and then a third time. Finally, if he still can’t manage to put it together, he asks his wife! In my mind, I don’t understand why I should waste time trying to figure out how things should be put together when someone has already put a lot of effort into creating great assembly instructions.   

A Universal language

I’m sure all of us worldwide have gotten something from IKEA sometime in our lives. They are a worldwide company that has to manage assembly instructions without using any written language, so just by using pictures and an easy step by step system they keep everything simple and understandable for people all around the globe. I think their instructions are very easy to follow and I love the concept.

Troax assembly instructions.

A piece of cake - when you follow the instructions!

When I joined Troax I didn’t have that much experience with machine guarding and I felt a bit challenged my first time attempting to assemble the Smart Fix system. The only things I had assembled in the past were some furniture from IKEA and miniature LEGO cars with my son.

As a product manager for Troax, I now had to learn a safety fence installation, and I was put to the test with some fixings, panels and a post – and a set of Smart Fix Follow Me assembly instructions.

I was happy to see that the Troax assembly instructions were very informative and easy to follow, taking me step by step in mounting brackets on the posts, fixing the bolt within the panel and then putting the panels and posts together.

I was surprised at how easy it was!

I’m not a strong person, but you really don’t need to be as neither the panels or posts are heavy.  The machine guarding solution is really thought through, so you don’t have to be an engineer to manage! Check out the video HERE and see for yourself how quickly it’s done!

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Assembly instructions in any way you want

Assembly instructions are included with every shipment from Troax. Our instructions have recently been updated with a new design that’s even more clear and easy to follow. The instructions start with all the details you need, door, lock or whatever option you require – they give you an overview of all parts included. The following pages take you through “step by step” how to assemble it, which tools you need and what you have to think about. Assembly instructions can also be downloaded from our website. Check out one of our assembly instruction PDFsHERE.

And for those who just don’t like using written assembly instructions – I hope you like to watch movies! – because on our website you can find the machine guarding assembly instruction videos.  Just sit down and watch it, or run it on your phone; it’s available whenever you get stuck during the assembly process, showing once again how easily everything is put together, so just stream it and watch! Check out one of our assembly instruction VIDEOs HERE.


Josephine Granell, Product Manager, Machine guarding
Josephine Granell
Product Manager, Machine guarding