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Don't MESH around with LOVE... or SAFETY!

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Yesterday was what’s widely considered the international day of LOVE, so let’s start off with THIS;

1. Valentine’s Day is ALL about DOING something special, FOR someone special
2. Troax just happens to be ALL about safety and protecting people, property & processes
3. Depending on your time zone, if you’re reading this and you either haven’t DONE #1 or haven’t even THOUGHT about #1, then I’m sorry, Troax can’t protect everything. You. Are. On. Your. Own.

A sense of humour is key... Laughter matters.

So let’s have a little fun here.

Since EVERYTHING on the internet is true, I’ve taken the liberty of searching hi and low for common themes of what the experts actually say about love... and by experts I mean people, characters and sources like Leo Buscaglia, Shakespeare, Dr Seuss, Wikipedia, Smokey Robinson, Nicholas Sparks, Cosmo, Hugh Hefner, Taylor Swift and Google’s Alexa. An odd collection, but oddly enough, rather consistent. What I came up with was a simple list of 5 things that impact the love IN your life and the love OF your life;

1. It’s NOT what you say, it’s what you DO – Don’t Just Tell Me, Show Me
2. Little things and details matter
3. You gotta keep things fresh and creative – Go The Extra Step
4. People long for a feeling of “safe”
5. A sense of humour is key... laughter matters

Love is in the mesh

If you’ve stayed with me so far, thank you. You’re probably thinking ”why in the world... in a blog... on a company website... a company that manufactures fencing and guarding... is this fool writing about love?” I hear ya, so here it goes. Obviously, love is a big part of our personal lives, but it’s also a big part of our professional lives (yes Human Resources, I realize I’m walking a fine line, just relax).

Look again at the list of 5 items. Now shift the context and apply the notions to the workplace, to your colleagues, to your customers, to your suppliers & partners. Every single one of them has a home at the office or plant too.

Now for the commercial. I consider myself genuinely blessed to work for a company, for people and with people who embody and embrace 1 thru 5. I’ll take it a step further and say that I firmly believe that...

People long for a feeling of safe.

Troax has the spirit of 1 thru 5 woven tightly into its corporate fabric

Ok, maybe there’s nothing in our mission statement about a sense of humour, but we’re ALL over the flavour of 1 thru 4. Troax sells safety and knows that if you’re gonna trust us and love us, then we have to follow thru on what we say we’ll do, watch the details and keep pushing the boundaries.  We offer a product and support that’s second to none in the industry.  #4 Is our world and want to help you achieve it in yours, and along the way, you might just get the other 4.

If you’d like to know more, then reach out, we’d LOVE to show you the LOVE!