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Can we predict the future?

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Predictions from the 1950s

Back in the 1950s, there were a lot of predictions of how the future might look, what new and exciting technological achievements would the new millennium bring us? Some of these predictions were quite realistic and believable. Back then people believed in nuclear power - for instance, that every ordinary ferry would have its own small nuclear reactor. People also thought that the solar power is the future of energy production and that the deserts will be full of solar cells.

The nuclear power is yet not that clean and safe for a wide range usage, and it’s very controversial. For the story of how to harness the solar power, we still have some ground to cover. This even if progress has been made and lots of solar cells plants have been installed all over the world.

Hilarious predictions

There were also a lot of strange predictions, almost insane if you ask me… People thought that food could be made from sawdust and candy out of old used underpants!! Instead of doing the dishes on ordinary china as back in the fifties, in the future we would just flush cheap plastic plates down the drain together with the leftovers, leaving the kitchen sink shining and clean - just by using hot water! Today we would consider this idea as an environmental nightmare, given the hazardous chemicals necessary to accomplish this. Nowadays we instead want to recycle the limited resources of the Earth and we try to find cleaner and greener ways of doing things.

Old Troax products.

What about Troax?

Troax was founded 1955 on a small farm, making products like mesh baskets and furniture. In 1965, Troax started producing mesh panels for basement storage applications, which we still do today, but of course, in a more evolved and environmentally friendly way. I can’t believe that the founding 4 brothers could ever have imagined or predicted the products or applications Troax have today, for example, our complete assortment of solutions for automated warehouse applications. This because the vast revolution in technology and international trade was an unknown parameter 65 years ago.

By contrast to nuclear power and disposable and dissolvable plastic dinner plates, Troax has managed, in a good way, to live up to positive and progressive environmental thinking as our mesh panel solutions are 99% recyclable. We also have both ISO 14001 (environmental) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management) certification and systems in place which reduces our impact on the environment. The old saying; -

“If you’re big and strong, you must be nice”

– can definitely be applied to Troax, as we are the biggest mesh panel producer in the world with more than 1 million environmentally friendly panels manufactured every year.

You can’t solve the equation with lots of unknown variables

As an “ordinary Joe”, I believe that the prediction of the future is very difficult as there are lots of unknown variables and even invincible ones. New obstacles and opportunities arise from everywhere all the time, and what seems to be important today might not to the same extent be important tomorrow. To have a plastic dinner plate which melts in hot water seemed, back in the 1950s, like a dream - logical and very possible -  but today? Naah! You can say that our reality and expectations have shifted over the years.

Troax 50 years from now

What products and applications will it be for Troax in the future, let’s say in 50 years from now? To answer that question, we must first think on a global scale, how will the world look like? My not so daring prediction is that technology will continue to develop with for example Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new or improved power sources. Some scientists say that large areas of land on Earth will probably be uninhabited due to high temperatures and the lack of water. This will inevitably lead to conflicts between people and in all likelihood conflicts between the rich and the pore, as hundreds of millions of people will have to migrate to new areas. The ability to calculate or predict what the future demands and requirements for our products (with any real certainty) are of course impossible.

Troax hero - Troax mission is very much in line with the world of tomorrow.

Our mission

We can’t say what the future world economy will look like or what type of new regulations will appear, but the Troax mission - to develop innovative safety solutions that protect people, property and processes - is very much in line with the world of tomorrow. I believe that the market for products to protect automat processes and the people who operate them will continue to grow. The need for Data Centres and server rooms will increase as IT software and hardware become more and more important and precious, not to mention AI. I also believe that our future society may need more products to protect people and properties from harm. So, I don’t think the demand for welded mesh panels or new, evolved products will cease to exist. On the contrary, it will probably increase.

I don’t think we can predict the future, but we can distinguish trends and possible directions. And I do know that, at the end of the day, Troax will be leading the development of better, stronger and more environmentally friendly products, making your world safe.


Stefan Lundgren, Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning & Property Protection
Stefan Lundgren
Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning/Property Protection