Pendulum at an impact test.

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How can you know the quality level of a product? Based on the facts you have read about the product characteristics? The information you received from a salesperson? From test report documentation? Maybe a crash test video?

When it comes to making decisions, it’s important to ensure you have all the facts before you make the choice about which supplier you should choose for your products. There are of course many things to take into consideration such as product offering, price, availability, easy installation and delivery lead time. But, most importantly, what about the quality and performance?

A machine guard consists of components such as panels, posts, and fixings and it doesn’t become a guard until you have fully assembled it. Therefore the quality of each individual component is, of course, important, but it is crucial to find out how well the guarding can protect the operators in production from hazards if something unexpected was to happen.

Safety doesn't happen by accident.

How to verify machine guarding quality?

For over 15 years at Troax, we have performed tests on our products and systems. We have our own Test Centerwhere we have tested all our machine guarding systems with impacts of up to 2500 joules – this impressive impact is a weight of 160 kg hitting our guard at 20 km/h! All the tests documentation, reports and videos are available on our website, easy to find, watch and use as a reference.

There is no such thing as guaranteed safety, but we do guarantee the best safety on the market.

Some might say that it’s impossible to simulate a real impact situation, and maybe so. However, by testing the products in the same way, using the same test method, you can identify and understand the strengths and the weaknesses of each product component combined in the systems. At Troax, we test all kinds of products on the market, so we know a lot about the quality of machine guarding.

Comparing apples and oranges?

Today, many machine guarding manufacturers perform impact tests on their products, and their videos can be found on the internet. I’ve seen tests from competitors where a large test pendulum collide over the middle tube of the panel, making it easier for the system to absorb the impact and those who use very little weight, not saying much about the stability and strength of their guard. But how to make this test is actually described in an ISO Standard, ISO 14120, Annex C, so there is a “correct” way to perform the tests. If you want to use tests to compare products, make sure that the test of the products you are comparing is done the correct way, otherwise, you might find yourself comparing apples and oranges.

Why is testing important?

Independent quality proof

So how can you be sure about quality and tests? At Troax we use TÜV Rheinland to get our test methods and products certified.

The certification is one of the strongest internationally recognized quality marks.

TÜV is a well-known brand for neutrally tested quality and safety, and for the buyer, it acts as a great help in their purchasing decision, as they no longer only need to just rely on the manufacturer but can trust the independent judgment of a neutral expert. To ensure that the certificate is not only a snapshot, TÜV Rheinland employees subsequently monitor the manufacturing plant of the company on a regular basis and check that the products manufactured there correspond to the test sample. This way, they ensure that the certification of the products remains valid.

Troax Smart Fix machine guarding system is the first machine guarding system on the market to be Type Approved by TÜV Rheinland, confirming that the system withstands a 1600 joules impact and is tested the correct way. Read more and download certificates at Certipedia.


Josephine Granell, Product Manager, Machine guarding
Josephine Granell
Product Manager, Machine guarding