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5 Reasons Why A Product Configurator Is Essential To Business Success

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It’s not only for enterprise companies – I think virtually every small, mid-sized and large business can benefit from this, regardless of what type of products you offer. There are many advantages to a product configuration system, and companies should be adopting them to perhaps elevate their business and improve the customer experience.

Why should you care about a product configuration system?

We live in the age of information… and the information is power! The downside to this is that it can become too much to handle and the opportunity to leverage all information is lost. Without the help of a special tool for product specification, we for sure would have more frequent situations when this occurs in our day to day business.

Time and quality is another factor. When you offer a variety of complex products or systems, the support of a product configuration tool helps to automate material specification.

It will impact the speed and accuracy of developing quotes, proposals and contracts.

These types of solutions will help you reduce bottlenecks in the overall sales process, enabling the presentation of “the right product, at the right time, at the right price” faster to the customer. Today’s customers are no longer satisfied with standard solutions.

On the contrary, they expect us to customize products that reflect their own wishes or meet their own specific needs. Product attributes such as colour, size, features, and technical details can allow customers to receive a safe tailor-made product solution very fast. I’ll give you five reasons how you could benefit from this in your everyday business.

Create a seemless flow, all the way from idea to quotation.

1. See ideas become reality
The process from the initial idea to a visual concept is very fast. Thanks to a visual interface, you get a superior design experience that allows you to bring ideas to life within minutes. Simplifying the decision process and saving you both time and money. During the design process, the configurator automatically tracks and specifies everything, and prices are automatically and instantly updated as products are added to the drawing space. You will get an immediate idea of the solution and the costs.

2. Capture the knowledge of your best product experts over time
With rules and constraints, a powerful configurator can capture and embed the knowledge of your best product specialists, making that knowledge available to all. Even if you have very inexperienced personnel with low technical skills, they will be able to quickly offer the best solution for your customers.

3. A specification that’s not only correct – it’s optimal
There are several different ways to present the “correct price”. In the business of let’s say machine guarding, a configurator could go further by proactively offering the most secure solution combined with optimal price based on factors that the customer considers important.

4. A fast and professional quotation process
We all want the right product, at the right time, at the right price. So, when you get accurate, high-quality quotes with supporting documentation packaged, this speeds up the quotation process in many ways. In fact, customers could have two or more alternative quotes. A manually-driven configuration and quoting process makes it more difficult!

5. Accurate orders every time
Offering complex or highly configured product systems is hard, but with a full integration system towards the manufacturing combined with automatic product specifications, human errors are eliminated and customers can be confident that every order is accurate.

The right product, at the right time, at the right price.

Selling complex products still require a personal touch

At Troax, our product configuration tool is developed so that we can design tailor-made layouts using the most optimal products. With either a blank worksheet to start from or an imported CAD-drawing, pdf or picture as a basis. The configurator automatically tracks and specifies everything, the material list as well as prices are automatically and instantly updated as products are added to the drawing space, giving us an immediate idea of the costs of the project.

The Troax product configurator has a unique “drag and drop” feature that allows you to place the products onto the drawing surface to help create the ideal solution for your requirements. With the help of this and with only a few steps we create a seamless flow, all the way from idea to quotation.

Ultimately, we can focus more on listening to our customers' actual needs and less effort on the distractive, administrative and time-consuming tasks like complex excel spreadsheets and parts or price lists. This allows us to effectively offer you “the right product, at the right time, at the right price”.

Safety is about being one step ahead

Do you want to make sure that your working environment is staying ahead and has the absolute best solutions? Experience yourself what Troax product configurator can do, it’s available HERE.


Martin Ask, Digital Business Developer
Martin Ask
Digital Business Developer