Expanded Safe Escape Lock.

Safe Access. Safe Escape.

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Sometimes, you don’t get the point of what’s being said to you until someone says the same thing, but in a different way. This is the story of how the new Troax Safe Escape lock was born; a new Euro cylinder, knob & handle lock – now with an integrated switch.

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We value your ideas

Last Autumn, I went on a business trip together with one of our sales managers to visit a customer. It’s always a great opportunity when you work with product development to meet with the customers who use your products. They often come up with useful ideas of how to make improvements, and this is a very good complement to our own product development department to improve and create new products. This experienced customer that we visited is very good at providing new ideas for us, and at our meeting, one idea became very clear to me just because it was told in a different way. 

Save installation time

Since many years I had got the question from our sales team “why can’t we make a Safe Lock with an integrated Euro Cylinder?”. The Safe Lock is a very practical lock unit with an integrated safety switch, used on many doors in Machine Guarding applications. But to make this lock with a Euro Cylinder? No, I didn’t get the point with it really, and I also thought it would just make the Safe Lock more expensive and destroy the nice look….

At my meeting with the customer, I suddenly got the question the other way around “why can’t we get today's Euro Cylinder knob & handle lock, but with the safety switch integrated? It would save us a lot of time at installation”.

Safe Escape Lock.

Integrate the switch

A Euro Cylinder knob & handle lock is often used on doors in Automated Warehouses, where no one except authorized personnel shall have access to enter through the doors to the long warehouse aisles. That’s why it’s just a knob reachable from the outside and you will need a key for the cylinder to open the door. A safety switch is also needed to make sure that the power to the machine is cut, if someone opens the door to enter while the machine is still running. Today, this switch is often put at the top of the door using extra brackets. To instead place the safety switch inside the lock seemed like a very good idea!

More good ideas

Back with the Troax R&D team, more good ideas came up. We wanted to make sure that no one can close the door behind you if you have to enter for maintenance, so we added a place where you can secure the door with a padlock. If you are inside and the door gets closed, you should easily find your way out, so we made the safe escape release handle in a bright, red colour. And the escape release handle will work even if the door is locked with a deadbolt, the lock on the door will still be opened from the inside.

Safe Escape Lock USPs: Multifunctional, Intergrated switch, Safe when performing maintanence.

To prevent any manipulation from the outside, we put a plate behind the lock, so that the escape release handle can’t be reached from outside the door. It can only be opened with a key. Safe Access. Safe Escape.

I’m sure, the Safe Escape Lock will open the door to new customers.

To learn more about our new great lock, read the PRESS RELEASE and watch the VIDEO. Or contact me or anyone in our sales team.


Josephine Granell, Product Manager, Machine guarding
Josephine Granell
Product Manager, Machine guarding