Troax 1955


The story of Troax began in a chicken shed, in the village of Tyngel in Sweden. Four country lads became entrepreneurs and started on a journey that made Troax a global company, with activities all over the world. Follow its history from 1955 to the present day, and on into the future. 


The four country lads, Erik, Folke, Helge, and Sven Axelsson were born optimists. Optimism is essential for all farmers but was especially important after WWII. At that time, most people were born into farming, a tough life, but these four brothers wanted to do something more with their lives. In 1955, they sowed a new seed that would grow way beyond the fields of Tyngel. Their company ‘Bolaget Axo Järn och Metall’ was born.

They not only transformed a chicken shed into a workshop, but they also transformed their dreams into reality.


By the mid-60s, the brothers were making steel products such as kitchen implements and washing baskets. The range also consisted of carts and mesh partitions for basements and lofts. The latter segment is now a key element of Troax.

Troax storage


Lars Troedsson from Stockholm saw a future with the Axelsson brothers. In 1965, they formed Troax, a sales company. The name is a compilation of Troedsson and Axelsson.

The company through the years:

1955    Axo Järn och Metall 
1964    Axo Metall AB 
1965    Troax Försäljnings AB 
1983    Troax Axo AB 
1997    Gunnebo Troax AB 
2011    Troax AB 
2015     Troax AB + Troax Group AB

Troax 2020

Success lay in warehouses

Småland is a part of Sweden that has always been known for hard work, inventiveness, and enterprise. We have supplied the world with everything from motor saws to flatpack furniture. Warehouse partitions are yet another important contribution Småland has proudly made to the world. In the early 1970s, Troax expanded into Scandinavia to reach a wider market and took the next step with warehouses and garages, a completely new product range.

Warehouse partitioning site with Troax products.
Troax 1985

Two Become One

As Troax grew, so did the need for additional structure and division of responsibility. The solution was to merge production and sales into one company, Troax Axo. Gnosjö-Börsen AB acquired Troax AB in 1983.  

Troax products at an automotive production line.

Machine Guarding Comes to Life

During the 1990s, manufacturing industry and the automotive industry in particular began to automate production on a very large scale. That generated high demand for modern machine guarding. Troax lead the way, and also laid the foundations for what would become a totally new level within industrial safety. 

Globes, Gunnebo-Troax, For a safer world

Gunnebo and Troax

Between 1994 and 2010, Troax was part of Gunnebo Group, now a global supplier of safety products within cash handling, safe storage, access control and integrated security. In 1997, we also changed our name to Gunnebo Troax AB. Gunnebo disposed of Troax in 2010 as part of its new strategy. Since then, our name has been Troax.

Troax, Nasdaq, Times Square

From farm to stock exchange 

Troax took a strategically important step in 2015, when the group was floated on Nasdaq Stockholm. By that time, Troax had become a global market leader in area protection, which also mean we met all the right criteria to strengthen our market position still further. By listing Troax on Nasdaq Stockholm, we gained more opportunity to fulfil and exceed the expectations of our customers. Troax now operates on 6 continents, and is represented in over 40 countries. The rest, as they say, history.