WP Panels

Turquoise drawing

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We want to make your work easier! You'll find CAD drawings for Machine guarding (MG) and Warehouse partitioning (WP) available in a number of different file formats.

SolidWorks, SolidEdge, IronCAD, Alibre Design, NX, Inventor, Mechanical desktop, Parasolid, Iges, Step, SAT, STL, VRML, DWG, DXF.

CAD links for WP panels

Panel UR350 (Grey RAL7037)

Panel UR350 2200x200 Panel UR350 2200x300 Panel UR350 2200x700 Panel UR350 2200x800 Panel UR350 2200x1000 Panel UR350 2200x1200 Panel UR350 2200x1500

Panel UX450 (Grey RAL7037)

Panel UX450 2200x200 Panel UX450 2200x300 Panel UX450 2200x700 Panel UX450 2200x800 Panel UX450 2200x1000 Panel UX450 2200x1200 Panel UX450 2200x1500 Panel UX450 800x200 Panel UX450 800x300 Panel UX450 800x700 Panel UX450 800x800 Panel UX450 800x1000 Panel UX450 800x1200 Panel UX450 800x1500

UR SP Panel (Full steel) (Grey RAL7037)

Panel UR SP 2200x200 Panel UR SP 2200x300 Panel UR SP 2200x700 Panel UR SP 2200x800 Panel UR SP 2200x1000 Panel UR SP 2200x1200

Musca UR350

Panel UR350 2200x700 Panel UR350 2200x1200 Panel UR350 2200x1500 Panel UR350 1100x700 Panel UR350 1100x1200 Panel UR350 1100x1500

Musca UR300

Panel UR300 2200x700 Panel UR300 2200x1200 Panel UR300 2200x1500 Panel UR300 1100x700 Panel UR300 1100x1200 Panel UR300 1100x1500

Musca UR325

Panel UR325 2200x700 Panel UR325 2200x1200 Panel UR325 2200x1500 Panel UR325 1100x700 Panel UR325 1100x1200 Panel UR325 1100x1500

Musca accessories

Ultima 150mm Ultima 210mm Economy 50mm Economy 100mm Economy 150mm Economy 200mm Economy 250mm Economy 300mm