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Tested – to keep you safe!

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You may think that a mesh panel is a simple product - metal wires welded together to form mesh, then placed onto a tubular welded frame. If you’re only going to use it to separate one area from another, I’d agree;  you can just spot-weld here and there to make a panel strong enough that it won’t fall apart.

But, if you’re going to use this mesh panel as guarding - your property in a basement storage area, walls in a warehouse preventing goods on pallet racking from falling down, or as a safeguard around an operating machine - then you should be careful not only when choosing the mesh panels but also the brackets and posts for the system as the quality of these products can vary from supplier to supplier.

Think – if something happens,
will it keep you safe?

Not all mesh panels are the same

One way to ensure product quality is to make sure it’s been tested, either by the company selling the products, or by a relevant 3rd party like TÜV for example.  TÜV Rheinland are well known for their test marks and criteria, making sure that the various products adhere to the correct quality levels. Certificates for TÜV tested products can be found in their Certipedia database.

Illustration of how an impact test is performed.

For machine guarding systems, there is a crash test – or impact test as we call it - described in Annex C in the ISO Standard 14120:2015. A product test conducted according to this standard confirms that the test has been performed in the correct way. The outcome of the test illustrates how much impact in joules the machine guard will withstand; generally, it’s up to the quality of the product being tested in conjunction with how it’s fastened to and the quality of the floor.

At Troax, we have been performing impact tests on our machine guarding products for many years, using it as a way to continuously improve our product quality and strength. Today, we can offer the strongest machine guarding system available on the market; the Strong Fix System. This is tested to withstand an impact of 2000 joules, equivalent to a 100-kilo weight crashing into the fence at the speed of 23 km/h! You find more information about this test in our test report.

Closeups on the welded points on Troax mesh panels.

The strength is in the details

So what makes it so strong? When you take a closer look at the mesh panels from Troax you’ll find that every joint in the wire mesh is welded together and that the mesh is completely welded down onto the long sides of the frame.

The centre tube is profiled – unique for Troax - to provide a better and stronger fixing base for the welds and the heavier 30x20 tubular frame used for the ST30 panel (in the Strong Fix system) withstands significant impact. However, the most important part is the highly automated production process that ensures the same high-quality standard for every panel.

Documented safety

Every test that is done by us is documented with a movie and a test report. The test reports covering the impact tests we have performed so far can be found at and you find many of the movies on YouTube. To work with impact tests is a continuous process for us and a part of our everyday business, making sure that if an impact were to happen with your Troax machine guard  - you don’t need to worry, you’ll be safe!

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Josephine Granell, Product Manager, Machine guarding
Josephine Granell
Product Manager, Machine guarding