There are a number of accessories to complete the system; top caps in grey and yellow colour, cover strips that will fit in the aluminium profiles, cable ducts and cable tie holders that will give your installation the final touch.


Art. Nr Components
15800001 Top Cap A44A Grey (L1B 2TLA040034R0300)
15800002 Top Cap A44A Yellow (L1A 2TLA040034R0000)
15800003 Top Cap A4488A Yellow (L4A 2TLA040034R0400)
15800004 Top Cap A4488A Grey (L4B 2TLA040034R0500)
15800005 Top Cap A25 Grey (L2 2TLA040034R0100)
15800006 Top Cap A60 Grey (L3 2TLA040034R0200)
15800020 Cable Tie Holder Kit (X1 2TLA040033R4300)
15800021 Cable duct 44x25 2000mm (A25A 2TLA040037R1300)
15800022 Cable duct 44x60 2000mm (A60A 2TLA040037R1500)
15800023 Cable duct 88x68 2000mm (A88 2000m 2TLA040037R3300)
15800024 Cover Strip Wide Yellow (T2A 2TLA040037R1900)
15800025 Cover Strip Yellow 2000mm (T3A 2TLA040037R3100)
15800026 Cover Strip Grey 2000mm (T3B 2TLA040037R3200)
15890012 Screw Cable Ducting M5x12 (S5B 2TLA041039R0100)


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Product sheet - Accessories_EN.pdf
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