Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

With the World as His Workplace

Anh Nguyen is a living proof that there is always one or two doors open for anyone who wants to test new tasks at Troax. The journey to work as an export manager for the Far East and Australia has been winding and worthwhile. Welding, marketing, customer service, technology, project management and introducing new co-workers to the organisation have been stops along the way. With a good insight into several parts of Troax, he now has the whole world as his workplace.

»You can if you want«, it is said. And of course, that’s how it is. Anh Nguyen explains that Troax is a good example of this, as there are many who have gone their own way. Himself included.

“A lot thanks to the fact that we want to try new things. There are many who come from completely different contexts then find their place here. I don’t have a fancy education but I have always had the will to learn new things. That has given me opportunities.

Of course, it is important to take advantage of the opportunities offered and this has really been done by Anh.

“It has been difficult sometimes, but I see that as challenges. I am happy to have struggled on and learned new things.”

Travel a lot

Today, Anh handles the Troax team in China and the company's production unit in Shanghai. He works close to the distributors in the region and travels from Troax’s head office in Hillerstorp, Sweden, to Asia once a month.

“Generally, I usually travel to two countries and be away one to two weeks.”

All meetings with people and the opportunity to take part and learn a lot about both life and business culture in the different countries Anh sees as a privilege.

“For many, Asia is a homogeneous continent, but the countries differ very much, especially when it comes to business.”

Development is encouraged

Anh started working at Troax in 2002 and since then a lot has happened.

“It has happened a lot both regarding our organisation, our products, and the market, and for me personally as well, of course. We have expanded a lot, and made several investments in new markets.”

Anh tells there is an open minded approach to development at Troax, and that everyone dares to highlight their thoughts and ideas.

“If you want to try new things or come up with new ideas, it is well received by the company. For my own part, it feels awesome to be able to look back at everything that I have been allowed to participate in. I really got the chance to develop. It is important to dare to challenge yourself.”

Glancing at economy

Anh is happy to continue working with export but would like to continue to grow and test new things.

“We have a lot going on that feels very exciting. Now I am curious about finances and would like to learn more about what is behind the figures, beyond reports and analyses.”

The welder who became the export manager will probably always find new areas to discover. With the right encouragement, his curiosity and drive will only continue to grow. And Troax will hardly stand in the way of Anh's zeal and ambition.