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More space surely is a contribution to the society

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 When I moved from my student apartment, it wasn’t on the agenda to rent a storage room. Much of what I could actually use had to be thrown or given away. What if I knew I could rent storage? It would have been so much easier, and much more economical! Not to mention all the memories you have, these may not have any price tag but are still valuable and worth saving.

Have you ever been in need of more space
for unused belongings?


Archives with documents and pictures or old furniture? Or simply temporary storage when moving to a new home? Or maybe a renovation? Renting a Self Storage unit is in all these cases an easy choice to avoid storing everything in the living room or filling the storage of friends and acquaintances. I wish I had known.

Moving boxes

Self Storage, a concept sprung from an old need

There has always been a way of storing your belongings externally,  but the concept with Self Storage is that you’ll always have access to your items and can use them whenever you want to. The idea already existed in ancient China, but the modern facilities we talk about started to appear in the USA in the late 60s’, on to the UK in the late 70s’.

I know this opens up possibilities for both companies and individuals, but I have something to share with you that explains why the concept is important to me. Originally I am from Bosnia & Hercegovina, my family was fugitives and we have moved a lot since  1992. During all that time we had a lot of furniture, photographs, and clothes from me and my sister's childhood. Unfortunately, the more I moved around the more items we lost,  as we had no other option but to store our things in many different places.  Personally, I think a Self Storage would have been of great value. Thinking from a broader perspective, today's storage possibilities would do a lot for society as a whole. 

Self storage

What’s a Self Storage?

It is a storage room that is rented out to individuals or companies that need space. It’s also a safe way to store. In many cases, you can lock your Self Storage, and some places are also monitored and alerted. Take a look at all the pictures on this page, those will give you a clear view of what they look like. Learn more at, an organization that represents the different Self Storage associations across Europe.

Troax Self Storage

Simple investments that provide good returns

A friend of mine was traveling in the US during the late 80s’  when he came across and discovered the concept of Self Storage in Florida. This is where his journey started. He picked up the idea convinced it would be something that the Swedes would like as well.  So, he let the idea grow for some time, 20 years to be specific. In 2008 the idea came to life and after 1 year of activity, he was happy to breakeven. Ever since the success has continued and is still growing. This is only one story among many successful ones where companies are making a profitable investment for themselves and, are now providing space for everyone that needs it.

If you’re a property owner and have an unused premise it could start giving returns instead of deducting costs. The potential users are not only individuals but companies as well.

I know it's a great investment.

Troax Self storage

This is what you get if you by a Troax Self Storage

We offer world-class service, quality, free advice, quotes, fast delivery times, and fast assembly.

Converting a room or property to Self Storage has never been easier, we solve everything and help with what you need to start or expand with both storage furniture and mezzanine floor.

So, when you choose Troax Self Storage, you choose a partner who is involved throughout the process from start to finish, hand in hand, where you as a customer should do as little as possible. You can just sit back and drink your coffee. I know, I’m most likely the person you get in touch with if you're interested in a Self Storage project.

Let people store their belongings instead of getting rid of them - both a profitable and caring business idea.

If you’re interested in investing in Self Storage, contact us and we’ll check if you’re in a region where it’s available.


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