Thomas Widstrand, CEO, standing by a lake.

For a safer tomorrow

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As many probably know, we have been in business since 1955, although we didn’t start out big or even producing the products we produce today. The company has gone through some big changes since the very start but one thing that has remained the same is our aim to make your world safe. 

Troax in Hillerstorp, Sweden, by the lake.

Our experience is that we have to work together

When we talk about growing as a company it’s important to highlight that we mean both internally and externally. One wouldn’t work without the other. We are therefore transparent and open about how and what we do, to challenge ourselves to better solutions within our business. With being around for 65 years we have not only gathered great experience, but also an understanding of the market and the knowledge that we and the market need to work together.

Troax personell

The perspective on our development – A Safer Tomorrow

We are a global, comprehensive company and we work every day to develop our products to meet high international safety standards, but

we are also people protecting people.

Therefore, sustainability and responsibility are very important to us. And in taking an overall approach to what we do in terms of them, along with developing as a company, we work for - A Safer Tomorrow. 

We have set up responsible goals and we take action

Like every business, we too have a responsibility towards ourselves, one another, and the environment. This means that the goals we have set need to be approached properly. We need to not only talk about the goals and how to achieve them but to act towards achieving them.

Sustainability Report & For A Safer Tomorrow video

Some of our goals, which we talk about in the film and are currently working towards achieving, include reducing the energy consumption by 2% annually at our production facilities, and to use at least 30% recycled steel in our products. You can read more about it in our Sustainability Report.

We have a responsibility towards our environment and one another. We must take that responsibility and turn it into action.


We can all do something,
and together we can make some big changes!

Thomas Widstrand, President and CEO
Thomas Widstrand
President and CEO