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Troax safety solutions in an automatic warehouse

Warehouse automation – Be one step ahead

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How do you combine standardization with customized solutions, along with the need for modularity and scalability in your automated warehouse? The answer by Troax is innovation and collaboration.

Automation is the future of warehousing, according to Steve Banker, Vice President of Supply Chain Services at ARC Advisory Group. He shares interesting data from survey-based research on the changing practices, priorities, and expectations of warehouse executives. Survey responders choose Warehouse Management Systems as the one warehouse technology investment to be the highest priority over the next three years. A full 96 percent of survey respondents indicate that the value of warehouse automation will increase, and 6 out of 10 respondents indicate that it is very likely that they will invest in these technologies over the next three years. 

96% of the respondants think warehouse automation will encrease


The survey was conducted in January 2020, right before the covid-19 pandemic emerged. 1,5 year later the increase of online shopping has reinforced the need of automated warehouse systems even more, forcing warehouse operators across industries to consider accelerating their plans to adopt automation and robotics.

Claudia Jarrett, country manager at industrial parts supplier EU Automation, addresses the fact that this effort will not only enhance productivity and meet increasing demands for e-commerce; these technologies can also create safer workplaces by reducing interactions among workers

Automated warehouses develops faster to keep up with the encreased e-commerce


And of course, warehouse automation embraces all modern technologies that are driving Industry 4.0, such as machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), real-time data, voice assistants (such as Google and Alexa), coupled with Augmented Reality (AR) and IoT-solutions that enable everything from smart lighting to package tracking with RFID tags.

Remotely and conveniently controlled, beyond simple motion sensors, with precise schedules and power-saving support. Various technologies that will transform warehouse automation in the near future.



Cutting to the chase, warehouse automation is all about optimizing space usage, developing smart inventory management and more accurate order fulfillment, improving output and productivity – with less labor requirements. The benefits are obvious when you succeed in implementing the right solution for your business.

Industry 4.0 is here now

However, the solution at hand is rarely the “plug and play” alternative where everything falls nicely in its right place. Automated warehouse systems are a sophisticated combination of technology and highly optimized processes which, if not managed well, will have a negative impact on your profitability target. Read more about the challenges in this interesting article by Nanofulfillment, "The underestimated challenges of warehouse automation".


So, how is Troax rising to the challenges of warehouse automation? With the overall goal to keep people and processes safe, 30 years ago, Troax brought their market leading solutions for machine guarding, now used in the rapidly evolving segment of automated warehouse.

Today Troax’ mesh or steel sheet panel systems can be combined in a number of ways to match specific needs in material handling and logistics, all together with a broad range of automated warehouse products, like the anti-collapse system, sturdy shelves, data center applications – and the Smart Fix system for easy and flexible assembly. 

“This is the Troax way of
evolving the automated warehouse”

Erik Van der Meer, Managing Director Troax BV, The Netherlands, says. “Service on high level, introducing the right products and being innovative to fulfill the needs and demands of competitiveness and safety”.

Warehouse automation with Troax products



And this is a challenge, for sure: smart layouts of a warehouse, optimizing the area to improve safety, while at the same time improving efficiency and productivity. Add to this the constant need for modularity and scalability in a growing business.  How is it possible to combine standardization with customized solutions – and match a reasonable return of investment when changes probably will be needed long before reaching break-even?

Troax products in an automated warehouse

The answer, when looking into automated warehouse solutions made by Troax, is spelled innovation and collaboration. For more than 65 years Troax has developed smart solutions for safety, and in the latest couple of years, innovation has accelerated. Being one step ahead is all about anticipating needs and potential risks, and to do that you need to work in close collaboration with your customers.

The list of standardized products being developed by Troax, out of the customers various needs is endless. And this is how Troax sets sail for the future of automated warehouses. Great minds think alike. A collaboration for a safer future leads to more creative innovations, bringing all of us one step ahead.



Erik van der Meer
Erik van der Meer
Managing Director
Gabriella Mellergårdh, Journalist
Gabriella Mellergårdh
Freelance Journalist