Cylinder Lock

The casing of the cylinder lock is a strong metal locking tube. The euro cylinder version is equipped with a lock from SSF and the Assa version with Assa Connect 310/50. 

The locking tube and the striking plate are reinforced with a welded steel cover to reduce the risk of tampering. The addition of hooks makes it impossible to open the door by pulling it sideways. 

A cover plate mounted on the door leaf will prevent someone from reaching the inside of the lock & handle through the mesh.


Art. Nr Components
36802300 Kit cover plate UX/UR EC/AC
36901449 Coverplate Partitioning
36901489 Coverplate Partitioning AC slidingdoor
36901699 Coverplate Partitioning EC
36906590 Kit 6590 UX AC odd No Dbl sliding door Dbl rail
36906591 Kit 6591 UX EC odd No Dbl sliding door Dbl rail
36907600 Kit 7600 MHL UX AC Slidedoor
36907610 Kit 7610 MHL UX EC Slidedoor
36907630 Kit 7630 MHL UX EC Schän.Slidedoor
36907640 Kit 7640 MHL UX AC Acc. Slidedoor
36907650 Kit 7650 MHL UX EC Acc. Slidedoor
36907670 Kit 7670 MHL UX AC Acc. dbl.door Rail
36907680 Kit 7680 MHL UX EC Acc. dbl.door Rail
36907690 Kit 7690 MHL UX AC Acc.Slidedoor Dbl.rail
36907700 Kit 7700 MHL UX EC Acc.Slidedoor Dbl.rail
36907730 Kit 7730 MHL UX EC Hinged door
36907740 Kit 7740 MHL UX AC L Hinged door
36907750 Kit 7750 MHL UX AC R Hinged door
36907760 Kit 7760 MHL UX EC Hinge d. Schänis


Name Sort descending Type
Cylinder Lock - datasheet
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