Doors & Hatches

When a door is created in our SafeCAD drawing tool, it automatically generates the parts required to build the door. Doors are assembled on site and can be built as either a hinged or a sliding door. It's also possible to make hatches, with either hinged or sliding door function.


Art. Nr Components
15500000 Guide rail, Alu Cutted M (A56 2TLA040037R4900)
15500001 Suspension wheel (D5 2TLA040033R0400)
15500002 Sliding element, rect. (D6 2TLA040033R0500)
15500003 Sliding element, round (D7 2TLA040033R0600)
15500004 Sliding element, guide (D8 2TLA040033R0700)
15500008 Doorstop vertical (D13 2TLA040033R2500)
15500009 Doorstop angular (D13A 2TLA040033R2600)
15500010 Doorstop horizontal (D13B 2TLA040033R2700)
15500011 Crossbar 1160mm (D14 2TLA040033R2800)
15500012 Crossbar 400mm (D14A 2TLA042021R7300)
15500013 wheel with locking brake (D9 2TLA040033R0800)
15500014 wheel with locking brake (D9-K 2TLA040033R1100)
15500015 wheel with locking brake (D9A 2TLA040033R1200)
15500016 wheel with locking brake (D9A-K 2TLA040033R1300)
15500017 Hinge with screw C/C 47 (35-K 2TLA040033R1400)
15500018 Hinge with screw C/C 62 (D1A 2TLA040033R1500)
15500019 Black Handle (D2 2TLA040033R0100)
15500021 Pullock (D10 2TLA040033R2000)
15500022 Pullock Extended (D10A 2TLA040033R2100)
15500024 Ball Latch (D11B 2TLA040033R4100)
15500025 Ball Latch Sliding Door (D11C 2TLA040033R4200)
15500027 Padlock Hasp Bracket (D17 2TLA042020R2200)
15502000 Guide Rail Alu 2000mm (A56-2000 2TLA040037R0800)
15506000 Guide Rail Alu 6000mm (A56-6000 2TLA040037R4800)
15506100 Guide Rail Alu 6100mm (A3130C 2TLA040037R9900)


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