Electric Strike

An electrical strike is a good option when you need an electrical keyless control of your door. For example together with a tag/code/card system.

Our electrical strike kit includes the lock, lock tube, end sheet tube, brackets for the electric strike, handle, hinges and door stops (only for hinged door).

The door leaf, cover sheet and the actual electric strike must be added separately to have a complete door.


Art. Nr Components
36700048 El. strike EFF/EFF 112KL 24V Fail locked
36907620 Kit 7620 MHL UX EC Slidedoor excl. el.strike
36907660 Kit 7660 MHL UX EC Slidedoor
36907880 Kit 7880 EC Electric Strike
36907890 Kit 7890 AC Electric Strike Left
36907900 Kit 7900 AC Electric Strike Right
89100084 El. strike Solid 11412 12V Fail unlocked
89100085 El. strike Solid 1412 12V Fail locked
89100093 El. strike Solid 570 24V Fail locked
89100094 El. strike Solid 14 24V Fail locked
89100095 El. strike Solid 114 24V Fail unlocked
89100109 El. strike Solid 371 24V Fail unlocked
89100178 El. strike EFF/EFF 312RR 12V Fail unlocked
89100179 El. strike EFF/EFF 112RR, 12V fail locked
89100183 El. strike EFF/EFF 312KL 24V Fail unlocked


Name Sort descending Type
Electric Strike - datasheet
Follow Me - Hinged door with electric strike EC, 88754707,36907880.pdf
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