Euchner MGB, MGB-PN

The MGB (Multifunctional Gate Box) is an interlocking or guard locking system suitable for environments with extremely high safety requirements. It's more than a safety switch, offering interlocking, guard locking, escape release, and functions such as buttons for start/stop, emergency stop, etc.  

All MGB components are optimized for use on fences and it's equally suitable for doors hinged on the left or right as well as for sliding doors. Both mounting and changing the actuating direction can be undertaken quickly and easily. The lock complies with Performance Level e (Guard Locked) in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL3 in accordance with EN 62061.

The MGB can be ordered via Troax and pre-assembled on your single hinged door. Or we supply the bracket that will fit your choice of MGB-version.


Art. Nr Components
29920000 Safe Lock MGB (115355)
36905070 Kit 5070 MGB Fixing 2
36906150 Kit 6150 MGB Fixing 1
36906360 Kit 6360 MGB-PN Fixing 1
36906365 Kit MGB2-PN Fixing 1
36906370 Kit 6370 MGB-PN Fixing 3
36906375 Kit MGB2-PN Fixing 2
36906380 Kit 6380 MGB-PN Fixing 2
36906385 Kit MGB2-PN Fixing 3
36908180 Kit 8180 MGB Fixing 5
36908260 Kit 8260 MGB Fixing 6
36908310 Kit 8310 MGB Fixing 3


Name Sort descending Type
Product sheet - EUCHNER_MGB_MGB-PN_ENG.pdf

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