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Jaarcongres Industriële Veiligheid

Westkanaaldijk 7
3542 DA Utrecht

We hereby have the pleasure of inviting you to
the Industrial Safety Conference 2020

On Thursday, January 30th 2020, Heliview and its business partners are organizing this annual conference, where knowledge, sharing and interaction between you and your colleagues is placed central. The congress shows the latest developments in the field of machine safety, process safety, explosion safety and all facets of safety culture and safety behavior.

The Industrial Safety Conference offers a comprehensive, versatile, high-quality conference program and with over 500 participating colleagues, it is an exceptional opportunity to be informed about the latest developments, share knowledge with your colleagues and maintain your network.

"Theme: Consistent security"

The lack of security is almost never an isolated event but is often the result of a series of events. But more often there is a root cause which isn't always easy to trace, and it mostly takes many steps before the incident happens.

One thing is certain: when it comes to both safety and unsafety, there is always a link between several events. This interconnection of events or decisions can be multiple; there is insufficient professional knowledge; there is no integrity; systems, structures and processes are not clear or there is a conflict of interests and the assignments are contradictory.

Everything is related to one another where even the smallest part has a function in the system. This is what makes something safe or not!

A fantastic conference in DeFabrique in Utrecht with inspiring and leading speakers, plenary sessions and informal meetings. During networking breaks, you can mingle and get in touch with experts and colleagues.

In short: content, networks and immediate added value.
So don't miss it!

Westkanaldijk 7, 3542 DA Utrecht, Netherlands


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Westkanaaldijk 7
3542 DA Utrecht