Guardrail is an add-on to the Smart Fix system, with or without mesh panels. The system is tested according to EN-14122 Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machinery, Part 3 DIN-1055 Action on support structure, Part 3. Above standards do not describe anything about the actual floor fixing, the fixation to floor or platform has to be verified by the installer or customer as Troax cannot guarantee the quality of the floor material.


Art. Nr Components
36803100 Kit Mezzguard
36803129 Tube handrail 40x1.5 L=2000 el. zink plated
36803200 Kit Corner Mezzguard
36803410 Splice handrail
36803420 Kit RXB B10 4,8x16
89200105 End knob 42mm Black


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Product sheet - GUARDRAIL_EN.pdf
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Stefan Lundgren
Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning/Property Protection
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Anh Nguyen
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Michael Standar
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