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Nomination committee

Based on shareholder statistics as of August 31, 2022, the following nomination committee has been appointed:

• Johan Menckel (Chairman) – Investmentaktiebolaget Latour
• Thomas Widstrand – Own holding
• Patrik Jönsson – SEB Investment Management
• Anders Mörck – Chairman of the board

Shareholders who wish to leave suggestions for the Election Committee can send them to:
Troax Group AB (publ), Attention: Election Committee Johan Menckel, Box 89, 335 04 Hillerstorp, Sweden.

If a member leaves the nomination committee before its work is completed, if the nomination committee so decides, the replacement shall be appointed by the same shareholder who appointed the resigned member, or, if that shareholder no longer belongs to the three largest shareholders in terms of votes, by the shareholder who has been added to this group. If the ownership of the company changes before the Nomination Committee has completed its work, the Nomination Committee shall have the right to change the composition of the Nomination Committee in the manner that it considers appropriate.

Principles for the nomination committee

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Thomas Widstrand, President and CEO
Thomas Widstrand
President and CEO