Troax Medium is a mesh partition system for storage spaces in apartment buildings, cellars and attics where there needs to be a reasonable level of protection against uninvited guests.
The combination of an approved locking system and reinforced front panels, it minimizes the risk of break-ins. The mesh provides good visibility, which in turn creates a sense of security. The mesh panels allow light to penetrate and air to circulate. Fires can be quickly detected and extinguished from outside the storage space.


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Assembly instruction - Storage system Medium UX450.pdf
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Stefan Lundgren, Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning & Property Protection
Stefan Lundgren
Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning/Property Protection
Anh Nguyen, Regional Manager, Far East
Anh Nguyen
Business Development Manager – Asia Pacific
Michael Standar, Regional Director - Asia Pacific
Michael Standar
Regional Director - Asia Pacific