Safe Escape Lock

The Safe Escape Lock is the perfect lock for Automated Warehouses. It can be supplemented with a non-contact, proximity switch inside, making sure the power is cut off when the door is opened. The knob and euro cylinder lock ensures a locked door from the outside that only authorized staff with a key can enter. The red handle for panic escape can only be reached from the inside and is protected by a black plate from the outside to prevent tampering. The strong locking tube which is made of aluminium has a fixing for a padlock, this can be used to secure the door when open and prevent it from being closed during maintenance operations. Choose from a variety of switches to be fitted to your lock and our profile euro cylinder. The Safe Escape is supplied pre-mounted as a right or left version, to fit either the single hinged or the double hinged doors.


Art. Nr Components
36905861 Kit 5861 Safe Esc lock R w. deadbolt
36905862 Kit 5862 Safe Esc Lock L w. deadbolt
36905871 Kit Safe Esc Lock R
36905872 Kit 5872 Safe Esc Lock L
36905881 Kit 5881 Safe Esc Lock R double w. deadbolt
36905882 Kit 5882 Safe Esc Lock L double w. deadbolt
36905891 Kit 5891 Safe Esc Lock R double
36905892 Kit 5892 Safe Esc Lock L double


Name Sort descending Type
Follow Me - Safe Escape Lock Dbl hinged 88754765.pdf
Follow Me - Safe Escape Lock Single Hinged 88754764.pdf
Product sheet - SAFE_ESCAPE_LOCK_KNOB_EN.pdf


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