Smart Post

With the new and practical Smart Post, it is now possible for the wiring to fit inside the post, as well as integrate control push buttons directly into the 60x40 posts.

The post is prepared with holes for the cables, both on the back and front. Two holes at the top and two at the bottom make it possible to route the cables either upwards onto a wire tray or downwards onto the floor. On the front of the post, there are outlets for a push-button bracket.

The pushbuttons can be pre-mounted on a bracket for fast and easy installation. The Button bracket/PCB has pre-mounted push buttons on a printed circuit board (PCB), where the top push button is an emergency push button, followed by three white push buttons. These three pushbuttons can be connected according to your needs. Choose your own colours from the five colour plates included.
As an alternative, there is a Button bracket with four holes for your own preferred solutions.


Art. Nr Components Colour
29601421 Smart Post 60x40x2200 Powder Coating
36906006 Kit 6006 bracket prep.
36906016 Kit 6016 buttons


Name Sort descending Type
Follow Me - Smart Post prepared for buttons.pdf
Follow Me - Smart Post with integrated buttons, PCB_1.pdf
Product sheet - SMART_POST_ENG.pdf


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Josephine Granell
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Kim Dahl
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