Javier Garcia

Javier Garcia

Discovering the World of Troax

Javier Garcia is the Southern Europe Regional Manager, CEO of Italian subsidiary Satech and a member of the Troax board. When Javier first joined the company, he lived in Barcelona. Along the way he has lived France, the US and now Italy. 

“I have embraced learning the culture and language of these countries and it has been exciting to get to know new parts of the world and to experience new ways of doing business at the same time.”

Javier has held several different positions and assignments within Troax, each with increasing levels of responsibility. His tenure at Troax has not only been about professional growth, but also about growing as a person and learning about and immersing himself in other cultures.

“It’s obvious that the opportunities that the company has given me has made me grow in my profession, but I’ve also grown as a person. I have learned a great deal about people and business and how we are the same, but more importantly, how things are different.” 

One of the reasons that Javier likes working at Troax is because it’s a very dynamic organisation that offers a uniquely satisfying level of autonomy and responsibility.

“We’re in constant change. When I first started some years ago, it was a good company and now, we’re working towards being a great company. As our organisation grows, we’ll grow and mature along with it as individuals. What’s equally exciting on a personal level is that, we’re nowhere close to being done and the opportunity to mature further and learn more exists well into the future.”

“The world is right before you”

Javier continues, and tells that the market in which Troax is working is both special and dynamic. 

“To me, I think it’s a tremendous challenge and responsibility to work within the safety market. I feel honoured that I have the opportunity to make our customers’ worlds safer. Over time, this matter has become more and more important – all over the world – and it’s nothing but a privilege to work within this area and motivate companies to make safety a critical priority. I mean, every automatic installation, every factory, every industrial process needs safety and at Troax, we’re not content until they’re all safe.”

Javier is proud of Troax and his revised roles within Troax have been many, each with significant levels of responsibility and contribution. First, he started in sales, quickly moved into sales management, then regional director, board member and CEO of Satech.

“At Troax, you will always get new opportunities and if you want to grow and learn new things, then the world is right before you. We’re present in about forty countries with plenty of chances to work, travel and challenge yourself.  To me, this is still a great motivation, and I have felt that my employer always supports me”

Sees a great future for the company

Today Javier lives and works in Italy. 

“We have long-term plans for our company, and we have lots of things to do. I think that if we continue recruiting, employing and promoting people who can contribute with their knowledge, their ambition, and their skills, I see a great future for Troax.” 

There is no doubt that Javier has come to the right place. He is passionate about his job and is constantly looking for new challenges and new opportunities at discovery.