Staffan Bengtsson

Staffan Bengtsson, R&D

Developing World-Leading Products

At Troax, the product development department is at the core of the company. The six people working here are constantly creating and optimising innovations, products, and system solutions – and since 2004 Staffan Bengtsson is a part of this team. Over the years, he has been involved in developing the world’s strongest safety panel systems together with his colleagues and in close cooperation with the market.

Since Staffan started working at Troax, the company has grown in both strength and influence, yet the open and familiar atmosphere of a smaller company is still present. 

“This is an organisation without hierarchies, and in many aspects it still feels the same as when I started.” 

Though, as far as the products are concerned, they have become more specialised over the years and this has significantly changed Staffan’s tasks.

“We have refined our range of products and today we focus on mesh panels that will provide safety in one way or another, and now we can be more specialised in what we do. I enjoy this very much, and I appreciate that our products makes people safe. Also, they are easy to grasp and understand, as you can clearly see their purpose, and that suits me as a developer.” 

Creating Development

As a development engineer, Staffan is involved in improving existing products with the purpose to refine them. After many years within this profession, Staffan is somewhat of a specialist within the area, and he knows them inside and out by now.

“There is room for creativity, and we work together to try to come up with new ideas that are reasonably complex, and that will keep the right cost level – and at the same time increase the functions.”

Fine Mechanics and Large Designs

Staffan works with sales companies and the inquiries that they get from customers around the world. Many of these are assignments that comes from the marketing department or a product manager.

“We create new products, and fine-tune existing ones to the better. We work with both fine mechanics as well as large designs. There are usually a number of requirements and wishes that must be met, and we need to create products that can be tested and finally launched.”

Safety On a Global Level

There is constantly a lot going on within the company. In addition to Troax’s own range, Staffan and his colleagues also refine and develop products for its subsidiaries. Working globally means that they need to adapt and be flexible in their product development.

“We have various approaches and not to mention our customers’ prerequisites differs around the world. This needs to be taken into consideration in our work, yet it also creates new opportunities and inspires to creativity.” 

Over time, Troax has initiated major efforts to increase the innovation power within the R&D department. 

“Previously, the majority of ideas came from our own customers, and even though there’s nothing wrong with that, we decided that in order to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market, we need to work strategically to come up with ideas both for the immediate future as well as the coming ten years.”

This means Troax can now continue to develop products and systems with even higher values ​​for the users around the world.