Tina Karlsson

Tina Karlsson

A Place For Challenges and Personal Development

Tina Karlsson works as an order recipient and saleswoman at Troax. Since she started her job, some eight years ago, the company has evolved a great deal. These changes have brought both new challenges and new opportunities for Tina to progress in her profession. With a larger and broader knowledge she has taken steps forward – in her professional role and as a person.

Today, Tina is working mainly towards the Danish market. This means her colleagues work in the Troax office in Denmark whereas Tina herself works from the head office in Hillerstorp, Sweden.

“I talk to my work mates in Denmark every day, and we have a great cohesion even if we work from different countries. My role is to make sure that orders are correct and to ensure that the designs are of high quality and we have a close collaboration.”

A smarter way of working

During her first three years at Troax, Tina worked at customer service, and assisted the organisation’s various sales companies. In recent years, much has been made more efficient – at all levels. Tina highlights, among other things, the  many digital solutions that have led to a smarter way of working.

“My job has changed a lot along the way, and I very much enjoy learning new things, which I get to do more or less every day. Today I draw, place orders and take care of customer assignments.”

Various Segments

Tina thinks that, if you like new assignments and challenges, Troax is the right place to be. She will gladly test new things and is not afraid to change directions.

“At the sales department we work with different segments depending on which market we focus on. I have previously worked mainly with Machine Guarding, and nowadays I also work within the segment Warehouse Partitioning.”

Development Is Encouraged

Many of Tina’s colleagues at Troax – and herself – have had the chance to try different places and test new roles within the company. All are encouraged to develop continuously, and if you are open to change, she confirms that there are great opportunities to grow in your profession.

“I get the impression that everyone gets the space to be themselves here. We have a good team spirit and good atmosphere at work, and together we have a lot of fun throughout the workday.”