Accessories Cage

Troax Cage is built using panels and three different kits.

A standard Cage 1200x1200 mm is built by using Cage start kit, which includes all hardware excluding panels to build a kit.

The Cage extension kit is needed when a deeper cage is required. You will need one extra kit for every panel added to the depth.

Kit Mini Cage includes all hardware to build Troax Mini Cage 1200x1200 mm. You also need Roof panel UX450 1212x1200 mm.

These three kits and the Roof panel is available as grey RAL 7037 or as hot dip galvanized.



Art. Nr Components
36909000 Kit 9000 Cage Start GALV
36909010 Kit 9010 Cage extension GALV
36909100 Kit 9100 Cage Start RAL 7037
36909110 Kit 9110 Cage extension RAL 7037
36909200 Kit 9200 Mini Cage Galvanized
36909300 Kit 9300 Mini Cage RAL 7037


Name Sort descending Type
Product sheet - ACCESSORIES CAGE_EN.pdf
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