Puzzle pieces showing the safety awerness trend ahead.

5 safety system trends

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Dear reader, being abroad and visiting customers a considerable part of my available working time I would like to share with you a few trends that are ongoing with different customers and businesses.

  1. Safety’s being taken seriously
    Responsible people take safety much more serious than just a couple of years ago. With physical fences only costing a percentage or so of the total invested amount, this obstacle (of cost) is becoming smaller and smaller. Even China is getting stricter safety rules. Let’s see how quickly it will be implemented in real life?
  2. Safeguarding processes is important
    There has been an increase in customers wanting to safeguard their processes, hence many manufacturing units are keen to not only safeguard personnel but also to keep the manufacturing process intact without the possibility of interference by persons or items that might disturb and hamper the production process.
  3. Safety should be handled by professionals
    Many companies want to apply the same solution regardless of where on earth their request is. On top of this, they want to buy from a professional supplier - not the local blacksmith manufacturer, who in itself could be an important supplier for the company. Furthermore, the habit of individual companies producing simple fencing “in-house” is disappearing more and more. Today this mostly exists in the Far East and the USA (to a certain extent) -  in Europe, it has mostly disappeared. Digitalisation is also becoming a big influence, as more and more customers today more want to have 3D quotations and pre-production drawings where their own facility is used as a reference. All of these changes have an effect on the purchasing strategy, which is also changing somewhat. The lesson learned is - Let the safety professionals handle the safety!
  4. Integrated locking systems are important
    Locking systems are becoming more important and the request to have them integrated with the customers' other systems are increasing.
  5. Testing is a part of the competition
    The rigorous testing of the safety systems (fences) is also becoming more important. Customers are starting to ask for more testing and the suppliers not fulfilling at least the minimum level, will soon be out of work.

How do these trends fit into your reality?

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Thomas Widstrand, President and CEO
Thomas Widstrand
President and CEO