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Fresh solutions with steel partitioning in high rise living

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Transforming the old Scotland Yard building in central London into high end residential flats is a grand mission to undertake. The mixed-use development will provide 268 residential units within six buildings, including three levels of basement. So how do you solve the need of storage for all the tenants?

The global construction company Multiplex, appointed as main contractor for the construction of this landmark transformation, were eager to find a bespoke storage solution for its new clients. This is where Troax Ltd becomes part of the story. David Loader, Sales Director at Troax Ltd, explains:
– With high residential projects shooting onto the skyline on a daily basis, the need for storage has become paramount, since one thing that often is missing is loft space for storage. 
This was also the case with The Broadway Westminster. Due to the nature of the build, this would leave limited storage for the new residents. That is why a basement area was allocated.

So, what were the specific challenges at The Broadway, and how could Troax´s system for property protection provide solutions? David explains:
– Due to the location being in the basement, this is where all services are directed. There were miles of pipes and cables to navigate! 
Being a storage area also, a robust solution was required, and this is where Troax’s expertise came into play. 
– With the expertise of our nationwide installers, the services were navigated and avoided without having a detrimental look on the aesthetics. Also, providing all the panels in a ‘Hot Dipped’ galvanized finish meant it was up to the task of a robust solution, David says.

Collaboration is a key word in all of Troax´s business relations. What is the foundation for successful collaboration in a project like this? 
– Putting the customers’ requirements at the forefront. This was a tricky project to navigate so Troax utilised all its internal and external expertise, from our technical support team and installation through to our external sales team. At Troax we pride ourselves on projects like this – and that is why our customers continue to keep coming back to us, David says.

Developers and clients alike are looking for efficient ways to provide secure storage for tenants that will be robust and require low maintenance. Troax steel cages for property protection is a long-lasting security cage solution that provide a high level of safety in case of fire, vandalism, or burglary. Steel cages made with mesh panels offer good light, good ventilation and make it easy to spot and extinguish fires. 
– Steel mesh panels and full steel panels are normally the material of choice due to aesthetics and air flow purposes. Lockers can be full height or split into two, made from the same material.

Surprisingly, David says, some developers still attempt to make their own mesh partitioning, without realizing that systems already exist.
– It is a problem if the instalment of property protection solutions doesn´t fall into the right contractors´packages. Say, it goes to blacksmiths or welders instead of qualified installers who have fitted property protection before. 

But the collaboration at The Broadway is a good example of letting expertise in every specific field work the magic: Troax, experts in developing innovative steel mesh panel solutions since 1955 in joint effort with global constructors Multiplex and metalwork contractors Medway Fabrication Services Ltd. 
– It was great to come back and see the finished project. This was far from a straightforward installation, but our installation team has done an amazing job, David says.

Gabriella Mellergårdh, Journalist
Gabriella Mellergårdh
Freelance Journalist