Quick-Guard application.


Troax AB is since July 1st the owner of  Quick Guard
aluminum fencing system. It’s a flexible machine guard used mainly for machine enclosure to prevent access to a hazardous area.

Endless possibilities

The Quick Guard system is a combination of aluminum rails in various sizes combined with
either mesh or polycarbonate along with fixings that mounts it together. 

The components can be ordered in any size
and combination making it very flexible and
creates endless possibilities for your machine
guard enclosure.

Quick Guard technical illustration

Important dates

•  July 1st - Troax takes over the assets from ABB
•  August 1st, Shipment of standard items on stock
•  September 1st – Shipment of customized order with cut profiles

For any potential queries of the planned future business setup, reach out to your local Machine Guarding contacts on Troax.

Quick-Guard express