Troax offers mesh shelves both with safety factor 1.3, max. deflection L/100 and according to ANSI MH26.2-2017, which means a safety factor of 2.0 with max. deflection1/165. The great advantage of the Troax shelving system is that it allows light to penetrate and sprinkler systems to reach through in case of fire, compliant with the ESFR requirements.

Troax shelves can be adapted to suit your requirements, for example, you can have a shelf with an integrated backstop and/or dividers. We also offer tailor-made, specifically adapted mesh shelves to suit double and triple pallets racks, which are a cost-effective solution for your specific needs. The size of the mesh decking can be adapted to fit different products, and the size of the waterfall can be adjusted – for example, so it does not conceal the pallet label.


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