Example of adjustments made at a production site.

5 tips and tricks for quick adjustments on site

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Getting a drawing for a machine guard to match 100% with what is needed on site at the time of installation can be tricky. When the new machine is in place, you are often short of time and you just want to put the machine guard quickly in place. To be able to change the height or width of one panel can be crucial. 

1 Adjust the panel width, 2 Adjust the panel height, 3 Get rid of sharp edges

1. Adjust the panel width

What can you do if you realise the space between two posts is narrower than ordered panel width?

Get an END PROFILE with your order and just cut the panel! The End Profile will fit with the ST20 or ST30 mesh panels and is put over the cut part, bent and screwed together, fixing to the frame. It includes the holes for fixing the panels to the posts, just like the standard frames.

2. Adjust the panel height

Do you think it’s a tricky situation when a conveyor is coming out through the fence, or there’s something in the way on the floor?

Get a CUT PROFILE with your order and just cut the panel to your requested height. The Cut Profile is then put over the cut edges and fixed with top caps on the sides, creating a frame for the cut-out part. Problem solved.

3. Get rid of sharp edges

Something has to go through the mesh panel “right there”.
How do you get rid of the sharp edges after cutting that hole?

Get an EDGE COVER to cover the sharp edges with a rubber strip.

4. Adjust the panel in both width and height – new option!

What do you do when the panel doesn’t fit at all?
When it needs adjustments to both the width and the height?

Get a KIT COMBINE END & CUT PROFILE with your order. This will fix your panel in both width and height. Watch HERE how it’s done in the movie.

Gif animation how to adjust a mesh panel with Troax accessories.

5. Get the panel in your special size

What do you do when you already know the special size you need for your panel?

You can of course order it with the CORRECT SIZE from scratch! We can make the panels in any special size you require. And if you prefer to use the Cut Profile, you can get the panel cut at the factory, and you just add the profile on the site.

With Troax smart machine guarding solutions, everything is easily done!

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Josephine Granell, Product Manager, Machine guarding
Josephine Granell
Product Manager, Machine guarding