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On Friday we celebrate Midsommarafton!

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In Sweden, many families and friends will enjoy fresh potatoes, herring, sour cream, strawberries, schnapps - and some rain. There will be dancing around the midsummer pole, party and joy regardless of the weather.

Seven flowers under the pillow, or seven panels from Troax?

Most of you have probably heard of the Swedish holiday where adults dance and hop about like small frogs (learn the song HERE). Some Swedes also pick seven flowers, from seven different pastures to dream about the future partner. Have you ever wondered why we as humans do what we do? Traditions that you haven't grown up with may seem strange, so let's explore this; it might also be interesting to look at your own traditions from a different perspective. All of you who haven't grown up with Midsommarafton...

- do you celebrate Midsummer in another way?

The same, only different

Traditions are special occasions and ceremonies that have been passed down through generations - sometimes centuries – from a time long before our own, when society itself was completely different. We weren't globally connected like we are today, for a start! Perhaps it was because we were protected from the outside world that various local customs grew strong, the same local customs and traditions we're exercising yet to this day.

Pink machine guarding panel ST20, RAL 4003.What's natural in one country may, therefore, seem exotic or strange in another. However, it’s not only in Sweden that Midsommarafton's celebrated. It's celebrated in several countries but under another name. For example, in Denmark and Norway it's called Sankt Hans Aften and in Finland, Juhannus. In the UK some still celebrate Midsummer’s Eve. Do you want some brief presentations about the celebration of summer solstice around the world? Read HERE

Think about all the fun and the variety of delicacies from other traditions we could experience if we only knew they existed!

Turqoise property protection panel UX450, RAL 6027.

Eat, enjoy and have fun!

Therefore, in the spirit of embracing our customs and traditions on a global scale, I want to share something with you a lot of Swedes will enjoy this weekend, strawberry cake. This is a more luxurious variant of the classic strawberry cake, with elderberry juice and white chocolate cream. Try it! I know I will!
Get the recipe HERE.

Now we look forward to the coming weekend. At least here in Sweden a lot of people will take an extra day off, but Troax will be open all summer, good for our worldwide customers to know as they celebrate their own upcoming summer holidays.

Please comment and share one of your traditions,
or preferably a recipe!


Camilla Strid, Digital Marketing Coordinator
Camilla Strid
Digital Marketing Coordinator