Carrier Sliding Door Single Rail x3

The Carrier sliding door with 3 single rails can be built with our mesh or polycarbonate panels to fit your chosen machine guard system. The door is built using the standard panel height of 2,050 mm by combining standard panels in the same size.

The three moving door blades that run in parallel rails, hooks into each other when opened, creating a large opening that takes very little space on the side. The panels and posts together with the top rail and door kit are supplied separately for assembly on site. Choose either the 60x40 mm or 80x80 mm posts for your solution.

Depending on the risk assessment, you choose the preferred lock for your door; Cylinder Lock or the Troax Safe Lock or any other type of handle solution with or without a safety switch.

The standard opening width is approximately 1,460 mm-4,460 mm.


Art. Nr Components
36905620 Kit 5620 carrier single


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Assembly instruction - Carrier door single rail x3 Kit 36905620.pdf
Product sheet - CARRIER SLIDING DOOR x3_ENG.pdf

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Irek Kapler, Regional Sales Manager
Irek Kapler
Regional Sales Manager
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Sebastian Chrzanowski-Sawicki
Sales Manager