Post 80x80 Optimized

The 80x80 mm post is assembled together with the Strong Fix system. It's available in three heights as standard: 1400 mm, 2200 mm and 3000 mm. The posts can be cut to any required height and also extended, using the extension bracket.   

The stronger 80x80 mm post is suitable for environments where there is a risk of collision or impact with objects. It's tested to withstand very heavy impacts, from 3000 to 8000 joules and even more, depending on the floor fixings and quality of the concrete floor. As a standard solution together with the ST20 panels and the Strong Fix system, it withstands an impact of 3000 joules. 


Choose Variant:
Art. Nr Components Finish Colour
29801541 Post 80x80x2x1400 Powder Coating
29801551 Post 80x80x2x2200 Powder Coating
29801561 Post 80x80x2x3000 Powder Coating
29801571 Post 80x80x2x2500 Powder Coating

Finish on panels, posts and powder coated accessories has the last figure variants in ART. NO.
"1" = RAL 7037 Dusty Grey; "2" RAL 1018 Zink Yellow; "5"  All other RAL colours or cut/welded; "6" RAL 9005 Jet Black, "8" Hot dip galvanized


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