Safety Center

A flower, representing Troax Safety Center.

Troax means safety

A strong innovation culture characterized by
hard work allows Troax to create products that
offer our customers added value and features
that surpass everything else on the market.

Solutions that protect people, property, and processes
for day-to-day safety. In order to succeed, we focus heavily
on development and tests. All of our skills and experience
have been gathered in Troax Safety Center, a place where
there is no room for shortcuts or compromises.


Troax Safety Center shows what safety means
and what it can be, today and tomorrow.


Troax Test Centre is the heart of our business. Here our products go through tough tests to maintain a high standard. Our test method is certified by TÜV Rheinland, who validates the safety of products and services in order to protect humans against hazards.

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A family at a zoo. The safe guarding isn't safe and a lion escapes.


We believe that our range of products is never complete. We work continuously to improve every detail, and the reason is simple: we want to continue to innovate, develop and grow together with our customers. 

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