Single Sliding Door

Our Partitioning single sliding doors are available both with our door leaf panels or made from our wall panels. Standard door widths with door leaf panels are from 980 mm to 2940 mm and standard door widths with wall panels are from 800 mm to 3000 mm. Opening heights are from 2200 mm to 6600 mm.
The runners above the door slide in a single-track aluminium top rail and a guide rail beneath the door steer it firmly in the right direction. 
Lock options are padlock, euro cylinder, assa cylinder, electric strike and electromagnet. 


Art. Nr Components
36906500 Kit 6500 MHL UX P Sliding door
36907600 Kit 7600 MHL UX AC Slidedoor
36907610 Kit 7610 MHL UX EC Slidedoor
36907630 Kit 7630 MHL UX EC Schän.Slidedoor
36907640 Kit 7640 MHL UX AC Acc. Slidedoor
36907650 Kit 7650 MHL UX EC Acc. Slidedoor


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Product sheet - SINGLE SLIDING DOOR_EN.pdf