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Bicycle lift

By hanging the bikes on the wall, the entire bike room is used and not just the floor, which means that the entire area been used more efficiently. The capacity on the same square meter increases by approx. 40%. A gas-hydraulic arm easily lifts the bike and then lets it hang in a vertical position. Divide a larger storage room with bars to create more places for bikes. Then hang bike lifts on walls, beams and around pillars. You can also choose hinges as an option, which makes the construction foldable against the wall. The lifts are placed with c/c 400 mm and on two height levels with a difference of 200 mm. Minimum ceiling height should be 2.2 m. Max lifting weight: 22 kg.


Art. Nr Components
18100003 Bicycle Lift
  • Width: c/c 400 mm between the lifts
  • Surface treatment: Powder-coated steel
  • Info: ceiling height at least 2200 mm
  • Other: Maximum lifting weight 22 kg.


Name Type
Product sheet - Bicycle lift_EN.pdf