Sigrid Herbosch

Sigrid Herbosch, Troax BV

Providing Safety – Every Day

Sigrid Herbosch’s job is to coordinate internal sales in Belgium. She’s also responsible for marketing of Troax in Benelux. This means that she is involved in making people’s lives safer every day; one of the main reasons that she has been at Troax for more than a decade – and counting. 

“We provide safety for people every day, and that gives a really good feeling.”

At Troax, Sigrid’s role has changed gradually over time. When she first started, her intention was not to stay long. Not long at all, actually. Today, more than a decade has passed by and Sigrid is still enthusiastic about working at the world’s largest manufacturer of safety panels – even though it was not what she had studied to do. 

“I am actually an interior and graphic designer. But after all those years I’m very happy with my job and wouldn’t want to change it. I have colleagues who have worked for ten, twenty or sometimes thirty years at this company and when someone leaves, it’s not unlikely that they come back again after some time.”

“Over time, my role has transformed quite a lot. As Troax is constantly growing and changing, new opportunities tend to come your way. This is something that I am very grateful for, of course. I also enjoy working at a decent company like this, being treated well and getting all these opportunities.” 

A large variety of tasks

Sigrid started working at Troax in 2007. Initially, she worked with internal services. 

“But at Troax we get a lot of opportunities to have multiple tasks, and to grow into the company. Today I do a mishmash of things. I follow up our process and make sure that everything is streamline. I am responsible for SuperOffice and other programs so I make sure that everything is well combined and functioning together. In our Belgian office we are five people, so automatically you will need to do a large variety of tasks compared to a larger office with more people and functions.”

The importance of believing in what you do

Sigrid describes that she has grown a lot, both in her professional role and as a person.

“I get to work with a variety of tasks, and you could say that I have learnt to be polyvalent and to act in different markets and in different ways. That has made me improve a lot and in many different ways.” 

To Sigrid it means a lot to truly believe in the products that she sells.

“We have a product to be proud of. If we were to sell a product that you would not be proud of, or not completely trust, your sales would probably suffer. But in this case, I know that our products have the highest quality on the market. That feels good.”