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Have you ever thought about how material is installed at height, or by whom? Walking through a warehouse with tall pallet racks all over the place can sometimes make you wonder “What kind of guys are assembling all this?” and “Don’t they have any fear of heights at all?”.

I’m sure they’re professional and do try to put safety first in their toolbox. However, I’m also certain that they shouldn’t say no to improvements, as everyone would prefer the job to be done faster.

And no one is keen on
leaning outside the lift...

Pallet rack applications.

Anti Collapse Panel Assembly

When you have a pallet rack with open uprights it’s a bit tricky to mount brackets against the uprights using ordinary nuts and bolts as you must lean outside the lifting equipment to be able to reach around to the back side of the upright.

When this happens the weather forecast in the warehouse is promising to rain nuts and bolts hammering to the ground.

Furthermore, when you have a pallet rack with closed uprights you need to bolt through it which might be proven very difficult to even get the job done.

It's raining bolts and nuts. Troax hero with an umbrella.

The Fastest Fastener on The Market

At Troax we have decades of experience in mounting Anti Collapse Panels to upright beams so we definitely know what we are talking about. The never-ending development of new and better fixings are crucial in meeting the requirements of a modern customer. We also aim to consistently be ahead of the curve when it comes to World Safety Regulations.

To cut the crap short, we make the assembly easier and faster

Speed Bolt demonstration gif.

Given the above, Troax is very proud to launch our completely new, unique, innovative and clever fixings for our Musca Anti Collapse System called Speed Bolt, registered with a design protection in the EC, USA and China. We also have impact tested the Speed bolt to 2500 Joules (see Test Report).

It’s very easy to assemble - you just place the “golf club end” into the hole in the upright beam and then tighten the bolt with a screwdriver. 

In my thinking, the assembly guys in the high wobbly lift will love this product!


Stefan Lundgren, Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning & Property Protection
Stefan Lundgren
Product Manager, Warehouse Partitioning/Property Protection